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The company was established as an informal entity in the year 2009  by 2 students  from a Local University in Eldoret. They two had a passion for research establishment and innovations. The main purpose was to assist individuals and research institution in data collection and Analysis.

Today, the company has grown tremendously providing a wide range of services to Individuals and NGOs. Over 6 NGOs have been served with Capacity building services and IT services. The company has also been able to provide support services to over 30 research and surveys  activities in Kenya.

The most selling point about the company is that its staff listens to its customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions.


The organization offers a range of services around Research establishments and innovation in Health and Community Development

Key areas include:

(i)Capacity Building Training of staff on Knowledge Management

(ii)Grant Proposal Writing for NGOs/CBOs/Individuals

(iii)Policy Development for NGOs

(iv) Internal Monitoring and Evaluation Support Services (i.e Internal Audits/Evaluations)

(v)Data Collection/Data Analysis/Data cleaning Analysis

(v) IT services i.e. Web design, computer repair and Networking

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The company started in 2009  as an informal group of 2 professionals, working out in a small room at the University Hostels in Edloret Town. All these years later, The company has grown to over have over 6 Experts and the passion and dedication remain strong. Working with us, you will find we still stay true to our roots.